Vietnam has changed worldwide BPO market


We are honor to welcome BBC India visit DIGI-TEXX for an interview about the Business Process Outsourcing industry of Vietnam – which is thriving over recent years. Zubair Ahmed – BBC Bilingual Correspondent and Frank Schellenberg – our CEO has a conversation about the shift of worldwide BPO recently.  Frank gave BBC a big picture of the current Vietnam BPO industry as well as the company’s contribution to the growth of the industry.

According to Frank:”It’s no surprise that Vietnam is being talked about as an alternative, amid rising costs and attrition rates in popular offshoring destinations like China and India. Tech giants like Samsung, Microsoft, LG and Intel have invested in large operations in Vietnam. Therefore, Vietnam has the potential to become the next BPO giant.

Visit BBC News for further information.

Vietnam is a fast emerging country of BPO

From a report in 2015, the Indian BPO revenue was 30 billion USD. For China 24 billion USD and the Vietnamese was 2 billion USD. Even though Vietnam is far behind India in this aspect, the market is lucrative due its 20 percent anually growth rate.

Vietnam challenges India's BPO industry (03/2018):

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