DIGI-TEXX Automation – Digital Collection for Different Industries

Automation, Business Process, Document Management, Content Management, Digitization

Business Process Outsourcing Solutions

Business Process Outsourcing is a collection of DIGI-TEXX shared services solutions that help our clients enhance agility in their operations while leveraging external capabilities. Our flexibility in allocating resources, customized technologies plus hundreds of well-setup benchmark processes allow simple set-up, ability to scale up and down, truly “as a service” for each client’s need.

A virtual insurance team to process claim forms, or a young crew to train a coming fashion AI tool, or 100 English agents for a web research project. All these we can help. We offer on- and off-site digital back-office workforce, process and technologies with the emphasis on document and content digitization.

Business Process Automation Platforms

We continue collecting all experiences in the digitalization projects that we have been involved since 2003 and put these into the collection of TOOLs. These so far have given us a hand, help us to optimize and automate the processes that clients outsourced to us. The first purpose is to cut-off as much processing time while replacing as many mistakes caused by manual works as possible. And these days, we decide to turn this into a Business Unit where we would like to work with customers more closely and develop more software for their emerging digital transformation needs.

Our expertise includes: Workflow building and streamlining platform, Data processing platform, Bank and insurance document management full toolkit, Bank and insurance RPA, Smart invoice processing platform, World-class mobile imaging and scanning solutions, Network operation center (NOC) Solution, Quality measurement platform, Full platform for digital Contact Center and many others.

We Offer 6 Automation Packages at DIGI-TEXX

Digital Banking with Robotic Process Automation and Advanced Software Capabilities

Industries: Banks, Insurance, Capital Businesses

Credit, loan and mortgage processing with Mobile Scanning, BPO Platform, Data Entry Auto Bot, CIC Auto Bot, and other RPA, Credit Origination Platform, Facial Recognition, Bio-metric Matching.

Insurance Back-office should not be a pain! Claim Automation and many more…

Industries: Banks, Broker, Clearing House

Smart Claim processing with auto-classification, data validation, diagnosis standardization, backlog management, A-Z new business and policies from re-screening to approval as well as capable of peak and seasonal handling

“Keep it lean” A-Z Business Process Outsourcing Solutions for Posts

Industries: Private and Public Posts

Technology-driven video coding or address quality control with advanced Post Processing Platform, iOCR, IOMR and ICR engines. Ensure Post service with letter journey Live tracking, Quality management and Quality measurement platform.

Smart Accounting and Invoice Assistance with iOCR, iOMR, Artificial Intelligence

All Businesses

Word-class data extraction engines, Intelligent validation techniques assistant to help accountants, end customers, also tax makers minimize the typical pain in collecting, sorting and documenting invoices as well as manual data entry and data mismatch.

E-content Management, E-shop Validation and E-commerce Management

All Businesses

Scrape, research, cleaning, update any digital database; Website mystery shopping for fraud detection and merchant credit evaluation; Localization and content management for webshop; High-class image processing for online car retailer, fashion store, furniture or real estate.

Qualified and High-Tech Integrated Customer Service – Contact Center – Help Desk Center

All Businesses

On-boarding qualified and professional Customer Service Representatives; Full Voice and Non-voice routing and management platform with Omnichannel communications, Chatbot integration and other customizable tools/ solutions that can help our clients improve their customer loyalty.

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