Transparency is one of the most important factors for any organization or individual. It builds trust in every single movement and motivates people around to believe and go together. However, it’s not always so much ideal that everybody volunteers to be transparent. That’s why inspection is born. It is a series of audit activities to help maintain people’s consciousness and enhance organizations’ performance.

Currently, traditional inspection uses a lot of paper and needs rooms to store all of them. It is the same story with our client. The client’s actions are mainly processed and recorded using a manual paper-based system. The information recorded is not organized and the data is not standardized between different departments. It is essential to have a solution that gets all the actions in line with the guidelines and organizes the data well to be accessed and stored easily.


This project aims to provide a full software solution to help the client manage all the inspection cases. We develop a computerized application that will be used for inspectors to help record information from inspection actions, follow-up cases until their conclusion. This application also serves as a management tool to monitor compliance, assist strategic planning, provide data analytics and insights as well as help improve the performance and promote data-driven decisions.


The advanced inspection system helped eliminate paper-based work and procedures.
Data and analytics generated by the system helped shape campaigns and decisions of government agencies
∨  Close monitoring and control of law compliance
 Standardized processes


The client acknowledges the efforts spent by our team into analyzing their processes and streamlining them. The team works with the highest enthusiasm to provide consulting and support to all government agencies involved to improve their performance, promote compliance and contribute positively to their digital transformation journey.