The client is one of the leading international financial services groups in the world for more than 100 years, to help people make decisions easier and live better. Having many offices located in Canada, the US, Asia, and Europe, the client has been providing financial advices, insurance, and wealth & asset management solutions for any individuals or organizations.

In the Vietnam market, the client planned to launch an online sale campaign for some brand-new insurance sets. This is to reach more customers and to make the purchasing process much faster and easier. However, there were a lot of challenges to cross-check customers’ information, keep it secured and be fully automated in the shortest time and at the highest accuracy.


We aimed to a full automation solution for the client campaign by implementing AutoQC. It can recognize any fraud or error intention easily based on document quality analysis scoring, business rules scoring and data pattern scoring. Thereafter, it is able to make the process straight-through to the client without any human touch.

  We use our advanced OCR engine to extract all the data from the customer’s personal documents (i.e. ID card, passport, birth certificate). 
  Next, the data is automatically cross-checked with the customer’s personal documents on different platforms by AutoQC.
  If the data is 100% matched, we transfer them to the client. Otherwise, we notify the client to directly check on unmatched data. 
  In the end, the client will make a decision whether the customer can buy the insurance set.


 Customer experience is improved faster which returns nearly 100% positive feedbacks.
 According to market research, people intend to introduce the client’s insurance sets to their friends because of the convenient purchase process.
The client can recheck all the digitized easily and archived them safely.


The client acknowledges and appreciates the way our team put efforts and enthusiasm into the project, the way we receive the client’s feedback to fix the system, even how we are willing to meet the client directly for any issue or giving more advice.