At DIGI-TEXX, we offer day-to-day direct IT Services (desktop, server, network, security, database administration) to help you achieve your project goals while sustaining your long-term and short-term IT resources. Our experienced team will offer you consultation, help you set up your IT system or provide you with tools to effectively monitor your projects. The core part of our technical expertise is the Network Operation Center (N.O.C). Together with clients, we monitor all progress for each project’s at real time, 24/7/365. We offer a web-based monitoring tool for the project team’s easy access from anywhere, at any time, with different levels of authorization.

Moreover, DIGI-TEXX‘s Software team will assist you with any project you might have. Our applications are developed in accordance with our cornerstones: consistency, flexibility, usability. The services have a strong focus on document processing and document management (e.g. Document Processing and Data Entry Platform – DIGI-SOFT, OCR, ICR, OMR, Data Normalization Tool, Quality Management & Auditing Tool, Document Management System, Web Services).

If you need any consultation, feel free to leave us a message.

Our Invented Platform

DIGI-SOFT 3 is our sophisticated and highly customizable data processing platform, that enables diverse automation instruments, with real-time project monitoring capability. Our software team ensures expertise-in-action by delivering tailored made software application, understanding the needs of real-time data delivery for efficient operation and fast decision making.

DIGI-SOFT 3 is the next version of our BPO platform that built up from more than 17 years’ experience in BPO and Data Processing Projects. The platform is programmed base on the fundamentals of Business Process Management Notation which allows flexibility and scalability in setting-up any data processing project. It consists of advanced project functions including integration of diverse data input channels, documents classification with artificial intelligence, the central pool of data extraction engines, smart data field validations, quality control, advanced analytics and reporting and unlimited integration capabilities.

DIGI-SOFT 3 is the base for various digital lego-kits that we successfully developed and implemented to strategic clients, especially in Banking, Insurance, Logistics, Telecommunication as part f our digital promise to the key client.


  • Programming languages: Java, C++, C#, Groovy, Php, HTML & CSS, Javascript
  • Platform/Framework: Microsoft .NET, J2EE, Spring, BPMN, Grails, hibernate
  • Web Technology: Ajax, Java Server Page/Servlet, EJB, Jquery
  • Databases: SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL
  • Working environment: Agile method, CI (Jenkins, SVN, Sonar, Maven, Artifactory), Eclipse/Netbeans
  • Desktop OS: Lubuntu, Ubuntu, Windows,…
  • Server OS: CentOS, SLES, Windows Server,…
  • Services: LDAP, Active Directory, Samba, NFS, Bacula, Asterisk, Elastix…
  • Monitoring: Nagios

Our Software Development & IT Services

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