Technology does not immediately create success for a company, it influences how a company will grow in the future. At DIGI-TEXX, we offer day-to-day direct IT Services (desktop, server, network, security, database administration) to help you achieve your project goals while sustaining your long-term and short-term IT resources. Our experienced team will offer you consultation, help you setup your IT system or provide you tools to effectively monitor your projects.

Moreover, DIGI-TEXX‘s Software team will assist you for any project you might have. Our applications are developed in accordance to our cornerstones: consistency, flexibility, usability. The services have a strong focus on document processing and document management (e.g. Document Processing and Data Entry Platform – DIGI-SOFT, OCR, ICR, OMR, Data Normalization Tool, Quality Management & Auditing Tool, Document Management System, Web Services).

Why you should choose us!

  1. KNOW-HOW: Across multiple technology platforms and paradigms.
  2. PRINCIPLES: Agile in combination with other traditional ones.
  3. PROBLEM SOLVING: Our Support techs are equipped with critical thinking and problem solving capability, generated from both informal and formal instructions.
  4. WILLINGNESS IN COMMUNICATION: Our team is well trained to be effective in communication, which is normally the weakness of many support techs.


  • Programming languages: Java, C++, C#, Groovy, Php, HTML & CSS, Javascript
  • Platform/Framework: Microsoft .NET, J2EE, Spring, BPMN, Grails, hibernate
  • Web Technology: Ajax, Java Server Page/Servlet, EJB, Jquery
  • Databases: SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL
  • Working environment: Agile method, CI (Jenkins, SVN, Sonar, Maven, Artifactory), Eclipse/Netbeans
  • Desktop OS: Lubuntu, Ubuntu, Windows,…
  • Server OS: CentOS, SLES, Windows Server,…
  • Services: LDAP, Active Directory, Samba, NFS, Bacula, Asterisk, Elastix…
  • Monitoring: Nagios

Our Software Development & IT Services

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