Digitization is the process of converting information into a digital format

The fundamental step for any digital transformation project

Organizations wish to transform their business into the Digital Era where processes are automated, with real-time and transparent information. Many platforms, products, technology solutions are introduced to the market following digital trends. In order to implement these solutions; each organization needs QUALIFIED DATA

Problems and risks in archiving the document 

Some companies archive documents in their own office, some ask for support from archives partners. Archiving documents physically can actually face many risks (e.g. damages caused by water, fire, insects; self-destructive paper through time). When archiving in the physical storages, looking for on a particular document can be a miserable task without a tracking system. Similarly, it is also impossible to make use of mass data such as business and marketing analysis.

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An electronic version of data or digital data:

The process of producing digital data is called digitization which is transforming a document from analogue version into an electronic version. By scanning a document (e.g. an invoice), it becomes a searchable PDF in some seconds. Allowing to copy and extract data easily.

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Our recognition technology & operators:

The recognition technology develops, from Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) to Intelligence Character Recognition (ICR)Further information of recognition technologies.

There is no guaranty that the techniques can extract all types of data correctly. In this case, organizations need a back-office team to manually key and verify data. At DIGI-TEXX,we have 1,500 typists, scanning operators and quality control specialists. They get support from our BPO and Data Entry Platform to which our software development team has embedded 15 years of document processing and digitization experience. Data is typed at the fastest and most correct way on our platforms as well as it is customizable for each project and document types. Here is digitization capability and processes.

 Digitization can be done at customer’s premises (onsite), or at DIGI-TEXX (offsite) and in between (integrated).


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