In-source or Out-source Model

Which Strategy for Accounting?

Thinking of adopting an accounting platform/software like Xero or Sage for your daily finance and accounting operation? It is a good idea. But there can be a better one. While the model of Xero or Sage is an in-house model when users are willing to adopt a whole technology/or part of it and run by themselves, either on-premise or on the cloud. The technology, in the beginning, sounds be very attractive. However, we have seen that no software fits well to all business nature meaning there is a huge effort for customization. Also, no software can ensure the whole automation circle without support from human support. In the end, the un-nice manual work remains inside the organization of the users and pain is never released.

We suggest an “outsourcing” model in which we handle all the accounting assistance tasks from receiving invoice, scanning, data entry, validating the invoice data, verifying invoice data with other pre-processed documents like vendor evaluation, purchase order, deposit note, delivery note, and analyzing the invoice data for rich business insights.

At DIGI-TEXX, invoices with different formats are processed in 30+ languages; ensure that our customers all over the world receive data timely with high accuracy.  Our self-developed processing application plus different intelligent techniques guarantee the acceleration of overall performance and reduction in numbers of errors.

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Intelligent Validation: Minor Techniques make Big Differences

Years of experience in invoice processing help us recognize one important thing: Minor techniques make big improvements in speed and quality, and make us different from other providers. We utilize any applicable validation tools to mitigate typo mistakes. More importantly, using this, we alert our customers when things went wrong with their document, adding value to their fraud detection process. Validation techniques are applied for invoice dates, phone number, look-up database for address, checksum functions for various fields, names in different countries and so on.


Invoice Processing Platform: Customized for Each Single Invoice Project

Our BPO platform – the DIGI-SOFT 3.0 allows DIGI-TEXX project managers to set-up a newly implemented invoice processing project fully by herself/himself. The manager can easily select his/her executive team for each project, with a benchmark on different project types. Live reporting and monitoring cockpit are available at any time and anywhere for easy project management. This helps us shorten project set-up effort

Project designer, by drag and drop, in some minutes can architect a workflow for each invoice project.  The workflow defines how an invoice will be processed from A to Z. The platform offers unlimited predefined and customizable services like selected imaging services (mobile capture included), encrypting/decrypting, file transferring, form recognition and auto-classification, classification, auto data extraction, data entry, double data entry, exception handling, quality control at different levels, delivery and many others.

Smart Invoice Processing at DIGI-TEXX

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