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Post & Logistics Insights

Return mail is seen as a relatively small nuisance for large volume mailers and is often left unaddressed. However, the impact of return mail can bring a variety of issues: “…increased labor costs, damaged customer relationships, reduced cash flow and other problems.”* 

Thus, a fast and effective solution to solve mail return issues is a need of our client-a major European Courier that offers global express distribution, logistics and mail services.

DIGI-TEXX‘s operators work directly on the client’s system, updating the recipient data, correcting addresses and reporting the deliverable reasons. All in all, we make sure that the parcels are re-delivered to the correct locations and no further delivery is needed, saving our client’s time and costs.

Mail return and mailing address standardization for post and logistics sector have been strong expertise of DIGI-TEXX. Our teams are involved with projects in different languages including German, Japanese and Chinese.

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