What is Data Labeling?

What are you struggling with?

You have an idea for a product, solution or platform, with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Or you already have a Machine Learning or AI based tool, and you need human input to make it as smart as a human.

We can help, with the synergy of thousands of people and AI software development capacity.

If you need any consultation, feel free to leave us a message.

What are we offering?

Our projects are around, but not limited to:

  • Document Intelligence: form recognition, text recognition and data extraction.
  • Facial Recognition: facial expression, facial differences among countries.
  • Item Recognition: fashion items, traffic items (streets, squares, parks and buildings), housing items, furniture items, logos and many others.


Our Labeling Packages

  • A-Z Managed AI Services: from project feasibility to complete product. You share with us your very initial ideas, our highly expert team work hand in hand with you to evaluate the feasibility and make an action plan. Project components include software development, testing, qualified human-intelligence team, quality control, project management, on-going AI Engine training data services.

  • Processing of Training Data for Your AI: Your ML/AL system is already in place, we simply provide human intelligence team, regardless of how large your data pool and demanding your schedule are. Our thousands and qualified workforce will help you to train your ML/ML system in no time at a reasonable cost. Our people can select, tag, edit, answer the question, etc… on individual items.

  • Training/Testing for Your AI Systems.

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