Insurance Pre-screening and Validation Process

Insurance providers daily receive high amounts of insurance claims. Each provider has a different claim application standard and format. A Claim-form can contain many errors (e.g. redundant, wrong or missing supporting document, wrong formats). Correcting these errors is very complicated and time-consuming. Our operators receive extensive training and have deep knowledge of insurance claims in order to be able to recognize and correct errors in a timely manner.

DIGI-TEXX’s operators work directly in our client’s system, to edit claims. classify applications and correct errors. We help to reduce cost and errors while improving its efficiency. We handle different types of insurance documents: Claim form, ID card/passport, Investigation reports, Medical records, Histopathology report, Operation theatre notes, X-Rays, Lab reports, Blood tests, Supporting invoice, Hospital main bill, Break-up bill, Receipt for amount paid in the hospital, Prescriptions for medicines and so on.

During peak times with high variance in claim submission volume, DIGI-TEXX‘s service continuity is still guaranteed.

Diagnosis Standardization or Coding

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