In-source or Out-source Model

Which Strategy for Digital Solutions?

The emerging digital transformation has created needs for them to look for reliable BPO partners who are able to deliver more, in term of full and intelligent solutions for their digitalizing operation. During your digital transformation process, we have strong technical capability to solve challenged issues across industries.


How We Work:

  • As a Digital Auditor, we can review the current status of your Digital Transformation.
  • We understand your vision about your operation.
  • We develop a full solution that meets your expectation.

Intelligent Process Automation Digital Solutions

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Some Highlights in Our Projects:

1. Digital solutions to help Bankers make decisions in minutes:

  • Our Document Processing SaaS Platform and Credit Organization Tools provides full insight and credit scoring for loan/mortgage/credit in just a few minutes. This shortens up to 90% approval time, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

2. Digital solutions for fraud checking across different industries:

  • We develop biometrics matching solutions (e.g. face, voice, fingerprint). This adds up another security level to the banking process creates a new digital experience end-users.
  • We have our mystery shopping team, who keep an eye on millions of merchants’ websites around the world. The team will detect any misrepresentation activities and provide valuable data for financial institutions.

3. Digital solutions for smart insurance Claim Processing:

  • We have a lot of  innovation for the claim management process. The diagnosis and hospital discharge coding, our AI matches different versions of one illness to its best description in ICD 10 code. This tool leads to considerable cost efficiency by eliminating many manual processes.

4. Digital solutions for E-invoice Processing:

  • From November 2020 Vietnam has a new regulation to use e-invoice for their daily business. Our e-invoice solution helps your finance and accounting department to work more and efficiently with e-invoice.
  • We collect, classify and process invoices

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