On 31st of May 2013, Trade Union of DIGI-TEXX visited and gave the gifts to children who are disadvantaged, disabled and orphan of the vocational training center in district 12, Ho Chi Minh City.

The vocational training center of handicrafts Nhân Tâm was established in 1990 by the artist Le Phuong and officially licensed in 2004; is a social organization under HCMC Vocational Training Association. The training categories include: Sculpture, Lacquer, Wood Carving, Drawing, Hand Embroidery, Weaving, Graphic Design, Sewing, etc. These subjects were edited into special lesson plan which was suitable for the disabled, orphan and poor children.

The center has been trained and provided more than 300 children with the stable jobs and helped them integrate into the society since its establishment. This currently takes care of 48 children in studying and job training.

With the desire to bring joy to the children, facilitate their studying and growth, Trade Union of DIGI-TEXX has organized the donation successfully, attracted the participation of almost employees. This is one of the annual social activities of DIGI-TEXX on International Children’s Day June 1.

Being a company specializes in providing Scanning Service, Data Digitization Services, eBook Development, Invoice Processing, Image Processing and Software Development, DIGI-TEXX regularly organizes social activities annually for the purpose of supporting the disabled, orphan and poor children in learning and intellectual development, helping them with vocational qualifications and other necessary skills to integrate into the society. Hopefully there will be more and more individuals and organizations jointly help to bring happiness to those children, help them erase their inferiority complex to grow normally, become good citizens.


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