To enhance soft skills and improve the communication efficiency, DIGI-TEXX organizes the training course “Communication skills” for the employees of all departments.

The course is divided into two classes with 33 trainees from Data Processing Center (DPC), Software Development Department (SDD) and Quality Management Department (QMD). 1st class is in August this year and the 2nd class in the middle of September. The contents of training course focus on efficiency of communication such as the method of information exchange, communication in work, active listening, asking questions…

Professionalism in communication (through speech, gestures, actions, behavior…) of each employee, from managers to staffs plays an important role contributing to the success of DIGI-TEXX. Growing company requires employees to be equipped with knowledge and skills to keep up with its development.

“Communication skills” is one of the annually training courses of the company. For DIGI-TEXX, a company specializes in providing BPO services, data entry, outsourcing…, people are important factors contributing to the development of the company. With this orientation, the company’s HR department will continue to organize other soft skills courses to train qualified employees to meet increasingly diverse requirements of customers.


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