Company Introduction


At DIGI-TEXX we believe in a connected world where highly specialized organizations grant their services to those who have other core business strengths. Our team at DIGI-TEXX is passionate about offering business and technology solutions which we tailor to the specific needs of our customers. Our global customer network trusts us since 2003. We guarantee quality, data security and thanks to our location in Vietnam, competitiveness.

German Quality
– Made in Vietnam

We follow ISO 9001:2015 and whiloutsourcing advantage digi-texx vietname our team is working independently, they are an integral part of our quality control within our workflow. Since 2003, we have built our expertise around competitive pricing models which are customized to each individual project. This is also supported by a modern infrastructure and a vast talent pool. We act in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard and warrant for high-level data protection following the standard contractual clauses of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Three things that mark our Success

We continuously improve our own BPO platform, apply advanced OCR, OMR, ICR and other relevant technologies, upgrade our hard- and software. The network operations center offers 24/7 surveillance of all activities and warrants for the data, network and process security. Our operators and agents are carefully selected and trained. At an average of 24 we find them to be very motivated and passionate. Together with our clients, we provide continuous training  and coaching to support the individual advancement, both in Vietnam and abroad. Offering our services since 2003, the experience we have gained allows us to easily customize our process and develop helpful solutions. We support our customers with our innovative approach and collaborative mindset.

The environment at DIGI-TEXX allows people to enhance their strengths. While our individual talents are strong, together they become outstanding. Therefore, the collaboration across teams is part of our DNA.

Our main markets are the USA, Europe, Japan and Vietnam and our customers come from multiple industry sectors:

Finance sector: Banks, Insurances
Healthcare: Hospitals, Pharmacies, Pharmaceutical Companies
Marketing: Online Shops, PR Companies, Real Estate Agents, Car Retailers
Logistics: National Post, Courier Services, Transportation Companies
Many more: Universities, Libraries, Hotels, Manufacturers etc.

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