Company Introduction


DIGI-TEXX started as a data entry company 16 years ago, focused in German-speaking markets. Nowadays, data entry and document processing, still, are among the biggest parts of our delivery daily to customers. However, we process data entry projects differently, especially with the help of technologies. We believe in the combination of three fundamental dimensions for the success of any BPO project: Advanced Technologies, Human Talent and Process Expertise.

German Quality – Made in Vietnam

With the emerging of Digital Transformation, we refreshed and rounded up our portfolio with the Digital Services. This business unit centres on consulting and delivering Digital and Software Solutions, representing DIGI-TEXX as a reliable BPO/ITO partner to our strategic Banking, Insurance, Telecommunication clients. The coverage of our expertise includes fraud detection solutions, data standardization solutions with artificial intelligence and machine learning, data processing/management/analytics solutions for financially related decision making, e-invoice processing solutions and many more.

Since 2016, 10 per cent of us is operating in our Contact Center. Our capability is among Vietnamese, German, English, French, Chinese, Japanese, and some other Southeast Asian Languages. We focus on supporting Technical Helpdesk Projects in which the agents involved deeply into the projects/services of our clients, providing highly qualified answers/supports to their esteemed end-customers. Besides, as a technology provider, we insist on adding new high-end digital elements into the customer service’s journey.

DIGI-TEXX serve customers globally (the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, Far East Asia) and in Vietnam, 24/7/365 with two operation locations in Ho Chi Minh City an Can Tho Mekong City.

Company Core Values are driven by Innovation, Cooperation and Integrity in which:

  1. Innovation drives our business forward. We explore and apply the latest technologies in our operation, led by the company’s change agents. We aim to become a reliable innovation partner of strategic clients.
  2. We follow agile development principles in which we integrate customers and different stakeholders closely into our processes with definite procedures, ensuring effective cooperation.
  3. We regard full compliance with the law, data protection regulations and integrity in all business transactions, as the key to our continued market leadership and long-term business success in Vietnam and Internationally.


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