On June 26th of 2013, DIGI-TEXX staffs volunteered to take part in the “Humanitarian Blood Donation” at QTSC. This activity is held annually by QTSC and District 12 Red Cross Organization.

This is the 7th year that DIGI-TEXX has taken part in the “Humanitarian Blood Donation” continuously. The staffs were checked their health and made all involved steps for the blood donation. In comparison with the previous years, DIGI-TEXX has a bigger number of participants this year. There were not only members of the BOM, Project Managers, but also the employees of all departments took part in this activity. It shows the humanity among the community.

Being a company specializes in providing Scanning Service, Data Digitization Services, eBook Development, Invoice Processing, Image Processing and Software Development, DIGI-TEXX continuously facilitates for employees to participate the charitable activities, especially the “Humanitarian Blood Donation”. It’s a good deed to save life. Hope that there are more and more people to join the meaningful activity.


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