On July 22nd of 2013, DIGI-TEXX – IT Department has finished the installation of 50 Mini-PCs for Data Processing Center (DPC). It’s one of the investment strategies of DIGI-TEXX to achieve optimum performance in business as well as to meet the increasingly diverse customer enquiries.


Mini-PC saves 90% power consumption compared with conventional PC, fast processing speed doubles conventional PC, space saving, customization capabilities, high security and special help users maximize the application of open source. Ms. Phuong Nguyen – Manager of DPC said: “The investment the Mini-PC is totally correct strategy of the company, as the increasing cost of electricity and technology increasingly modern. I believe that the productivity of the next projects will be significantly improved, contributing to improving business efficiency.”

Data Processing Center with Mini-PC

Being a company specializes in providing Scanning Service, Data Digitization Services, eBook Development, Invoice Processing, Image Processing and Software Development, with the desire to bring customers high quality services and competitive prices, DIGI-TEXX will continue to promote investment the Mini-PC for the next projects.


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