On July 26th of 2013, DIGI-TEXX officially completed the digitizing project for archive documents supporting for electronic record management of HCMC Tax Office and 24 Tax Bureaus after 3 months of implementation.

The project finished successfully with approximately 2 million pages using 5 Kodak scanners. This is the biggest digitizing project between DIGI-TEXX and HCMC Tax Office so far.

For this project, besides investment of modern facilities and skilled employees, DIGI-TEXX also invests to improve the process, applying advanced technology to increase capacity and quality of the project. This new application is to apply barcode recognition in documents preparation step help it be easier and more accurate for archiving and searching, save the time and management cost.

Being a company specializes in providing BPO services, Scanning Service, Data Digitization Services, eBook Development, Invoice Processing, Image Processing and Software Development , this is the second project which DIGI-TEXX has sucessfully done with HCMC Tax Office. In addition, DIGI-TEXX successfully finished the digitizing project for archive documents of Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Cooperation (PV Gas). DIGI-TEXX has been implementing many digitizing projects for the government agencies and enterprises nationwide. With well-experienced and available modern equipments, DIGI-TEXX is confident to offer customer the best services.


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