On 27th of April 2013, at Ben Xua Restaurant, District 12, DIGI-TEXX solemnly celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the company founding. The ceremony was attended by the founders, investors, partners, guests and all staff of DIGI-TEXX.

Opening the anniversary, Ms. Thao Nguyen – CEO of DIGI-TEXX outlined the process of formation and development of the company and the accomplishments that the company has achieved in the past 10 years. 10 years with many continuing efforts and attempts, the collective DIGI-TEXX staff has had the strength to work together to obtain a sustainable and developed DIGI-TEXX these days.

On this occasion, DIGI-TEXX also awarded medals for the senior staff working 10 years at the company in order to acknowledge their contribution and commitment to the company throughout the past.

The senior staffs working 10 years in DIGI-TEXX

Besides, the special team-building games and artistic programs were organized to celebrate the anniversary. A meticulously preparation by the employees who took place have shown their dynamism of the collective young employees at DIGI-TEXX.

DIGI-TEXX team with company’s uniform

Being a company specializes in providing Scanning Service, Data Digitization Services, eBook Development, Invoice Processing, Image Processing and Software Development, after 10 years of construction and development, along with the contribution of the collective staff, DIGI-TEXX has achieved significant success and affirmed its position on the domestic and international markets. 10-year path marked the sustainable development of DIGI-TEXX.

The ceremony ended successfully in a cheerful and impressive atmosphere. For years to come, hope that DIGI-TEXX Anniversaries will be such cheerfulness and solidarity like this.


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