Over 10 years in providing BPO service for foreign market, DIGI-TEXX VIETNAM is well appreciated by customers for good quality according to the international standards, stable price and many other advantages when using DIGI-TEXX services.

DIGI-TEXX focuses on the quality
To ensure strict compliance with international standards, DIGI-TEXX has set up and successfully obtained relevant certificates from recognized accreditation bodies: Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 and Information Security Management System ISO/IEC 27001:2005.
Over 10 year-experiences, DIGI-TEXX is known as one of the leading BPO service providers in Vietnam.  In 2013, we have honored to be awarded the Sao Khue in 2013 for top BPO Services. In addition, the BPO Service of DIGI- TEXX is also ranked as a four of five stars Service by National Vote Council. This is the 6th times received the Sao Khue award during 10 years in business.

DIGI-TEXX has stable prices for their business
The shift of the destination of global outsourcing projects is rapid and mainly related to the price issue. In almost countries who are famous for providing BPO service such as India, Philippines and China,…, the price is going up due to a rise in the labor cost and without government’s help. But it’s not affected to Vietnam.
“One of our advantages is own cost management.” – Ms. Thao Nguyen said – “There are many ways to control the stable price (although the labor cost has increased more 3 times during ten years). We increase the scale of production to reduce the cost management, technology transfer, build the automatic software tools to improve productivity. This is our specific competitive advantage.” – Ms. Thao Nguyen said.

DIGI-TEXX attracts new customers with many value-free
DIGI-TEXX is a member of the BPO Association in Vietnam. Recently, Vietnam has been known as one of the potential countries which provide BPO services for Japanese market. From early 2012, DIGI-TEXX has hosted many Japanese delegations visit to find new cooperation opportunities. For meeting customer expectation that is to exchange information in native language, DIGI-TEXX is training the staffs that are proficient in Japanese in order to implement the project with high efficiency to satisfy the customers. It was a deep impression of the European customers in German communities such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland when coming to DIGI-TEXX before.
In Vietnam market, DIGI-TEXX is also a leading digitization service provider with all-in-one solutions. By investment the dedicated and high-speed scanning, intelligent image processing, DIGI-TEXX is confident to offer the best digitization solutions with the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

Being a company specializes in providing Scanning Service, Data Digitization Services, eBook Development, Invoice Processing, Image Processing and Software Development, not only satisfy the customer with good service and competitive price, DIGI-TEXX is constantly improving integration process and international integration in terms of language, cultural understanding and behavior in business to adapt each group from multi-national clients. This truly changes the company become one of the BPO service provider who is worth to have long-term cooperation.


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