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Our Smart Contact Center based in German

Our inbound care and technical helpdesk service are niche choice of strategic clients who aim for customer service with all heart. Our customer service excellence center from Germany has been launched since 2009 and evolved from a traditional voice to omnichannel, and now digital and smart helpdesk services (Contact Center).

What differentiates us from the other call centers?

We aim to serve inbound services (voice and non-voice via email, SMS, social network) by solving technical questions or issues across industries, at first level to expert level, while purely telesales and telemarketing are not among our top expertise at DIGI-TEXX.

Moreover, we help our client to significantly increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by superior service quality via well-defined knowledge transferring process, talent enforcement and usages of advanced technologies. We innovate customer experience by bringing in digital solutions like voice recognition, visual and multi-channel communication, chatbots and artificial intelligence; improving helpfulness and more customer experience excitement.

In most cases, we offer also consultancy services to audit the status of the clients’ customer service center/ contact center. Furthermore, we support our clients to optimize their tool and process, benchmarking smart customer service models as well as supporting them in the implementation phase.

What we can promise:

  1. Significant improvement in front office operation efficiency.
  2. Measurable and increasing customer satisfaction.
  3. Long-term contribution to business performance.
  4. Refresh customer service experience.
  5. Multi-language mode: Vietnamese, English, German, Chinese, Thai, Bahasa, Japanse and others.
  6. Transparent and cooperative working model, mutual-growth with clients.

Areas that we deliver at best:

Technical Advice and Support, Helpdesk Service/ Service Desk, Technician/ Engineering Support for Manufacturing/ Household/ Electronic Products, Customer Service/ Customer Care Management, Order/ Booking Management, Missing Information Verification, Lead Generation.

End-to-end Inbound Voice Service for Banks

We help banks improve customer experience via highly qualified contact center service, mainly for inbound calls. Our platform allows customers of bank clients to submit documents or send inquiry from any channels securely, optimizing social media behaviour. Chatbot and messenger marketing are among the experts.

Our Contact Center & Help Desk Services

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