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Customer service and support is a source of pain and frustration for any company. Outsourcing your help desk or contact center services to DIGI-TEXX brings a variety of benefits to increase your business performance: Specialized skills of experienced professional, reduced staffing costs & operation cost, improved response times and flexible working hours. Our clients have approached us with the request to also handle their inbound communication (e.g. calls, emails, chats). In 2016 we expanded our portfolio by a help-desk center where we are able to offer a short ramp-up time, Our agents are well-trained, friendly, competent and we are able to offer on demand services in Vietnamese, English, German, Chinese, Japanese and French.

DIGI-TEXX aims to become a reliable and long-term customer representative partner of our clients for multiple industry sectors advancing their current help desk and contact center services. Our contact contact center processes are transparent and customizable with competitive prices. Moreover, we offer 24/7/365 service in a very stable environment so that unforeseen downtime will not occur.

Some services that DIGI-TEXX offers include Technical Support, Live Web Chat Support, Direct Voice Support, Order Entry Processing, Customer Service Support, Lead Generation.

Why you should choose us!

  1. UP-TIME: 24/7/365 services. Peak time is not an issue.
  2. AGENTS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: We offer coaching and training to our agents with an unbiased look into how agents handle customers.
  3. WORKING ENVIRONMENT: We create and invest in our working environment to ensure motivation, friendliness and helpfulness to our client’s customers.
  4. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP: We customize our solutions and mindfully invest in services improvement to continuously add value to the front office of our client.
  5. TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS: We offer an A-Z package for all setups (system, solutions, facilities, people).
  6. TRANSPARENCY: 24/7 monitoring for all of our services. All call/transactions records are available for quality improvement, auditing and archiving purposes.

Our Contact Center & Help Desk Services

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