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Banking Insights

The banking client receives thousands of loan and credit card applications per day that require assessment. On average, a basic application can be 35-40 pages long, while full applications can include more than 100 pages. There was a need for a solution to effectively process data and assess customer information.

DIGI-TEXX implemented a full service solution package:

  1. Advanced scanning solution when bank sales team from different branches can easily scan applications and transfer to DIGI-TEXX.
  2. Optimized document processing processes together with our internal quality system guarantee 99.95% data entry accuracy level.
  3. All captured data is shared with the bank via the Electronic Document Management System developed by our Software Team.
  4. Data validation and application verification are also performed by DIGI-TEXX team to notify the bank with mismatched data values/invalid applications for their further investigation.

By ensuring speed, accuracy, security and peak-time handling in our services, DIGI-TEXX helps the banking client reduce costs, gain customer satisfaction, business continuity and thus increasing its competitiveness and market growth.

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