Bank Automation Tool

Banks are thriving for Fintech and Automation to gain efficiency for their back-office operation while, on the other hand, maximizing customer digital experience. 

DIGI-TEXX is one of the few BPO companies in Vietnam, qualified enough to serve Bank industries in term of new technologies, high quality and security levels. In fact, more than 80% of international banks in Vietnam have set a long-term partnership with DIGI-TEXX.

Our CIC RPA helps bank clients to reduce 95% of CIC time and effort. Our biometrics, facial recognition, fingerprint matching, ID matching, voice recognition are among our scope of research and development. 

Our Banking Service Profile

Loan, Credit, Mortgage Application Processing

Our DIGI-SOFT platform allows clients to reduce the time of extracting data from documents, match them and validate information for final approval.

DIGI-TEXX implemented a full-service solution package:

  1. Advanced scanning solution, documents can be scanned and transferred to DIGI-TEXX.
  2. Optimized document processing, we offer 99.95% accuracy level.
  3. Captured data is shared with the bank via the Electronic Document Management System 
  4. Mismatched data will be notified to the bank for further investigation.

By ensuring speed, accuracy, security and peak-time handling, DIGI-TEXX helps the banking clients to reduce cost, gain customer satisfaction, business continuity, competitiveness and market growth.

Customer Application Processing Workflow

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