Auto Insurance Claims

Intelligent automation solution to reduce complex claims document processing time from days to minutes.
Service Offers:
Intelligent Document Processing
OCR, BPMN, AutoQC, Machine & Deep Learning


Business Challenge:
The client is a leading international financial services group with principal operations worldwide that helps people make their decisions easier and live better. Their principal operations are in Asia, Canada and the United States for more than 130 years. The Vietnam branch is proud to be the first foreign life insurance enterprise to be present in the country since 1999.

Traditionally, after discharging from the hospital, the insured individual has to submit various documents to the insurance company by post or directly to the Customer Service at Branch which takes from a week to 10 days to get the claim payment back. This time-consuming handling time affects customer experience as well as the insurance company’s competitiveness compared with others.

Moreover, manual, paper-based processes are error-prone which may cause financial damage and company reputation. Accordingly, our client is seeking for a solution to reduce documents processing time with the objective of supporting insured customers to get their Claims approval status in as little as a few minutes.

DIGI-TEXX builds an automation workflow to extract predefined data fields on hospital discharge paper and extract diagnosis to detect ICD-code.

Our developer builds a BPMN automation workflow and integrates with up-to-date technologies:

– Intelligent Data Extraction engine

– Automatic Correction of Distortion and Tilt

– Image Pre-Processing

– Machine Learning

– Auto QC

Business Outcome:
– Reduce data entry labor by 70%

– Succeed in automatically classifying documents up to 98% accuracy rate

– Processing time per case shortened-up from 15 minutes to 5 minutes

Client Feedback:
“The accuracy rate has been improved continuously. Before: 98.9% vs After: 99.95%”